Tile Adhesives & Grouts

Explore our broad collection of tile adhesives and grouts, tailored for indoor and outdoor applications. From ceramics to natural stones and marbles, our range includes single and multi-component options, even incorporating tile waterproofing. Elevate your tiling projects with our versatile solutions, ensuring a flawless and lasting outcome.


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Technical Data Sheets

  • Cementitious Tile Adhesives & Grout

    CIKOtile 2k

    Two components, Cement based and liquid latex/polymer modified tile adhesive

    CIKOtile 2k-Flex

    Two components, Cement based liquid polymer modified, fast setting tile adhesive

    CIKOtile AD

    Standard performance general purpose tile adhesive

    CIKOtile SP

    Improved performance, polymer modified cement based tile adhesive

    CIKOtile SP-M

    Improved performance, cement based dried latex modified marble and granite adhesive

    CIKOtile SPM-40

    Improved Performance, cement based dried latex modified thick bed adhesive for marble and granite

    CIKOpave BM40

    Thick-bedding cement based adhesive and mortar

    CIKOtile BS40

    High strength, semi dry cement based thick bedding mortar

    CIKOstone Grout

    Cement Based tiles and stone grout

    CIKOstone FloGrout

    Single component, High strength pourable cement based tiles and stones grout

    CIKOtile Grout 2k

    Two components, improved cementitious and liquid latex/polymer modified tile grout

    CIKOtile Grout SP

    Un-sanded polymer modified cement based tile grout

    CIKOtile Grout

    Standard un-sanded cement based tile joints grout

  • Epoxy Tile Adhesives & Grout

    CIKOtile Poxy

    Water Cleanable, Chemical and Heat Resistant Epoxy Resin Based Tile Adhesive

    CIKOtile Grout EP

    Chemical resistant, anti-bacterial & water cleanable epoxy resin based tile grout