Protective Coatings & Sealers

Experience “CIKO Coat” – meticulously formulated for chemical and abrasion resistance. Designed to shield substrates from diluted chemicals and contaminants, our range includes anti-carbonation, decorative, and protective coatings. With high-tech defense against chloride and sulfate attacks, our solutions ensure environmental safety alongside unmatched protection and durability.

Technical Data Sheets

  • Coatings

    CIKOcoat EP100

    Solvent free high performance epoxy based protective coating

    CIKOcoat EPU

    Flexible Hybrid Epoxy-Polyurethane Protective Coating

    CIKOcoat EPW

    Solvent Free non-toxic epoxy based protective coating for water retaining structures

    CIKOcoat PA100

    Epoxy Polyamide Protective Coating for steel and concrete surfaces

    CIKOcoat PE

    One Component, Water-Based Polyester Waterproofing and Protective Coating

    CIKOcoat PS

    Flexible Epoxy-Polysulphide Hybrid Protective Coating

    CIKOcoat PUW

    Aliphatic-Polyurethane water based top protective coating

    CIKOcoat RC70

    Polyurethane resin based chemical resistant coating

    CIKOcoat T90

    Epoxy resin coal tar extended protective and waterproof coating

    CIKOcoat T100

    Epoxy resin based coal tar extended protective coating

    CIKOcoat T200

    Coal Tar Epoxy protective and waterproof coating

    CIKOcoat UV333

    Polyurethane based top coat for exterior applications

    CIKOhard Top PU

    Polyurethane based protective top coating for exposed exterior applications

    CIKOpoxy Anti-dust

    Anti-dust epoxy coating for cementitious substrates

    CIKOpoxy Coat Z

    Single component zinc rich epoxy primer for steel reinforcement

    CIKOshield 300

    Highly Elastomeric acrylic based anti-carbonation and protective coating

    CIKOshield A

    Solvent Based Acrylic Floor and Wall Sealer

    CIKOshield AC

    Polymer based film pavers and brick sealer

    CIKOshield P

    Solvent Based pigmented Acrylic Floor and Wall Sealer

    CIKOshield PU

    Aliphatic Polyurethane Based Clear Topcoat

    CIKOshield PUW

    Polyurethane Water Based Clear Sealer

    CIKOthermo Proof

    Solar Heat Reflecting Waterproof Elastomeric Coating